Mobile Application for Increasing Market Efficiency

Milestones in agriculture development in India includes:
Green revolution, Blue revolution, White revolution, Yellow revolution and the most recent addition to the milestone is Information and Communication Technology revolution. In this era of Technology revolution, a major shift is seen in the innovations in the Agriculture ecosystem also. Although there have been various innovations in agriculture sector in the past, adoption of Internet and application of mobile technologies have made in roads for newer opportunities in agricultural sector.

Spreading agricultural related information to farmers and traders in remote places are made easier with the help of cloud computing, integrated IT systems and usage of mobile phones. One of the benefits of such connectivity and information flow is that it helps farmers to keep themselves abreast with the host of information on the farming, prices, demand in the markets, timing of sale etc.

As a step towards creating awareness about the benefits of digital trade, ReMS has developed “Market information app (ReMS – COMM) ” which helps farmers to understand the past price trend, arrival of commodities, provides information regarding the timing of sale of the farmer produce, place and method of sale. Thus, this App tends to empower farmer with sufficient inputs about trading of the produce and also enables planning for the upcoming sowing and harvesting.  ReMS – COMM is available in google play stores.

ReMS Market Operation through mobile application:


ReMS web-enabled mobile app devices and Desktop application offer best connectivity solutions for locations with low bandwidth. ReMS has introduced mobile apps to carry out market operations like, Gate Entry, Online Bidding, Weighment, Price and Market information for farmer, trader and commission agent.

ReMS Mobile App enables the farmer to send message of his acceptance of the highest bid for the lot put for auction or rejection. The ReMS mobile app facilitates to fetch the status of farmers lot and accessing vital information on the market operations. Thus, mobile app is changing the lives of the farmers with speed and accuracy of the market operations.

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